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Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012 
Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry, Teacher Certification, B.A.

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Total 30 Hours

It is strongly recommended that students work towards certification in a second area of study such as mathematics or another science area. See the School of Education and Psychology for listing of professional requirements  (37 hours) and general education requirements  (32-36 hours).

The student must apply for Initial Admission to the Teacher Education Program (usually by the end of the sophomore year) after completing all  requirements as outlined under ADMISSION PROCEDURES  in the School of Education and Psychology section of the catalog. Initial admission is required before the student can enroll in upper division education courses.

The student must also complete an application and all other requirements for Admission to Student Teaching. Prior to the professional semester, the student must take and pass the PRAXIS II licensure exam—both the appropriate section of the Principles of Learning and Teaching, and the particular specialty test(s)  for the licensure area(s).

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