Apr 25, 2018  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015 
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2014-15 University Committees


Administrative Committees

Administrative Council: Gordon Bietz, Chair
  Audio-Visual Services Committee: Volker Henning, Chair
  Employee Wellness Committee: Bob Benge, Chair
  Environmental Sustainability Committee: Crystal Stitzer, Chair
  Financial Appeals Committee: Marc Grundy, Chair
  Fund Raising Committee: Chris Carey, Chair
  Human Resources Committee: Tom Verrill, Chair; Brenda Flores-Lopez, Associate Chair
  Key Committee: Kevin Penrod, Chair
  Naming Committee:           Chair
  New Student Orientation Committee: Renita Klischies, Chair
  Planned Giving Committee: Chris Carey, Chair; Tom Verrill, Vice Chair
  Promotional Tours Committee: Vinita Sauder, Chair
  Public Art Committee:             , Chair
  Safety/Risk Control Committee: Tom Verrill, Chair; Kevin Penrod, Vice Chair
    EPA and OSHA Compliance Audit Team: Crystal Stitzer, Chair
  Traffic Appeals Committee: Kevin Penrod, Chair
  University Archives and Records Committee:         , Chair
  Web Oversight Committee: Ingrid Skantz, Chair

Other Committees:

Assessment and Effectiveness Review Committee: Hollis James, Chair
  Retention Committee: Vinita Sauder, Chair
Financial Statement Review: Tom Verrill, Chair
Crisis Management Team: Gordon Bietz, Chair
Diversity Committee:           , Chair
Faculty Affairs Committee: Kevin Brown, Chair
Faculty Promotions Committee: Robert Young, Chair
Grievance Committee: Stephen Bauer, Chair
Honorary Degrees Committee: Robert Young, Chair
Sabbatical Subcommittee: Robert Young, Chair
Social/Recreation Committee: Tricia Foster, Chair
Strategic Planning and Budget Committee: Gordon Bietz, Chair; Vinita Sauder, Vice Chair

University Senate Committees

University Senate: Bob Benge, Chair  
University Senate Executive Committee: Bob Benge, Chair  

Academic Committees:

Graduate Council: Carleton Swafford, Chair
Distance Education Committee: Volker Henning, Chair; Carleton Swafford, Co-Chair
Academic Research Committee: Harold Mayer, Chair
Institutional Review Board:             , Chair
Undergraduate Council: Robert Young, Chair
  Academic Review Subcommittee: Volker Henning, Chair
  Admissions Subcommittee: Marc Grundy, Chair; Volker Henning, Vice Chair
  Advisement Subcommittee: Sharon Rogers, Chair
  General Education Subcommittee: Scot Anderson, Chair
    Honors Subcommittee (Southern Scholars): Mark Peach, Chair
    Writing Subcommittee: Amanda Livanos, Chair

Student Services Committees:

Discipline Review Committee: Kari Shultz, Chair
Student Support Team: Januwoina Nixon, Chair
Student Personnel Committee:             , Chair
Student Services Committee:               , Chair
  Disabilities Services Subcommittee: Sheila Smith, Chair
  Film Subcommittee:
  International Student Subcommittee: Liane de Souza, Chair
  Screening Subcommittee: Laurie Minner, Chair
  Spiritual Life Subcommittee: Brennon Kirstein, Chair
  Student Activities Subcommittee: Kari Shultz, Chair
  Student Media Board: Stephen Ruf, Chair
  Student Wellness Subcommittee: Rod Bussey, Chair