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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Business and Management

Accredited through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)

Dean: Don Van Ornam
Faculty: Michael Cafferky, Richard Erickson, H. Robert Gadd, Lisa S. Goolsby, Julie Hyde, Kimberly Miller, Robert Montague, Braam Oberholster, Cliff Olson, Verlyne Starr, Dennis Steele, Leon Weeks, Jon Wentworth
Adjunct Faculty: Elisa Adeogun, Scott Edens, Doug Frood, Jennie McClaren Hobbs, Harry Miller, Mark Waldrop, Robert Young

Program Coordinators:

  • Business Administration, Richard Erickson
  • Long-Term Care Administration, Verlyne Starr
  • Nonprofit Management, Robert Montague
  • Computer Information Systems, B.B.A. Don Van Ornam and Rick Halterman
  • Financial Management, Jon Wentworth
  • Management, Braam Oberholster
  • Marketing, Cliff Olson
  • Accounting A.S. Jon Wentworth
  • Business Administration A.S., Richard Erickson
  • Business Administration and Public Relations, Don Van Ornam and Greg Rumsey
  • Business Administration and Auto Service, Don Van Ornam and Dale Walters

Institute for Ethical Leadership: Stephanie Sheehan
Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE): Stephanie Sheehan
Business Advisory Board: Joseph Decosimo, Franklin Farrow, Russell Friberg, Mark Guild, Bill McGinnis, Chris McKee 

Advisory Councils:

Long-Term Care Administration: Scott Edens, Tish Erdmann, Jo Edwards, Michelle Givens, Jennie McClaren Hobbs, Shari McQuistan, David Rodman, Mark Waldrop, Robert Young 

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Business and Management lies within the mission of Southern Adventist University. The mission of the School of Business and Management is to develop Christ-centered business leaders who integrate knowledge and application with high moral values. 


The courses and programs offered by the School of Business and Management are designed to prepare students for business-related careers in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors and/or for further graduate education.

The objectives of the school are:

  1. To give the student a broad background of knowledge of the free enterprise system within a framework of moral and ethical guidelines. 
  2. To assist the student in developing a sound Christian philosophy toward our current economic environment and the ever-changing business world of the future.
  3. To provide the student with a quality academic program with basic business skills required for initial job placement.
  4. To encourage Seventh-day Adventist students to serve as workers and in positions of business leadership with organizations sponsored by this denomination when opportunities are available.
  5. To foster within all students a commitment to excellence and a concept of service in the workplace and to community.
  6. To provide the necessary academic background for entrance into graduate degree programs in business.

Admission Requirements for School of Business & Management

Those pursuing a degree program in the School of Business and Management must complete a Student Statement of Intent upon enrollment their freshman/transfer year. This form is available from your adviser. For admission, the following steps must be completed:

  • Incoming freshmen, change of majors, and transfer students with less than 30 semester hours in business must complete steps 1, 2, and 3 listed below.
  • Students transferring with more than 30 semester hours in business who have completed steps 1 and 2 must apply for admission into the SBM immediately upon completion of 9 semester hours of business courses in residence at Southern. The 30 semester business hour maximum is waived.
  1. General education and cognate courses
    These three courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C.
  2. Business core and major courses
    Any four of these six courses must be completed with a four-course GPA of 2.50 and a minimum grade of C in all business courses.
  3. Application for admission to the School of Business and Management
    Application for admission must be made on or before completing 30 semester hours of business courses. Students must apply for admission to the SBM after completing steps 1 and 2. Business courses taken in excess of 30 semester hours before acceptance in the SBM may not count toward business degree graduation requirements.

Applications are available at the office of the School of Business and Management.


Southern Adventist University has received specialized accreditation for its business and business-related programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), Olathe, Kansas. The following degree programs are accredited by the IACBE:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration degree
  • Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration, Corporate Community Wellness Management, Long-Term Care Administration, Nonprofit Management, and Sports Studies
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Financial Management
  • Master of Science in Administration

Degree Requirements

  1. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 in the major.
  2. Courses with grades lower than “C” (2.00) in the major studies and cognates must be repeated.
  3. The following courses MUST BE TAKEN in residence at Southern Adventist University in various School of Business and Management majors:

School of Business and Management Majors

Total 10 Hours

In addition, each major requires the following courses to be taken in residence:

Computer Information Systems Major

  •  Nine hours in major  9 hours

Financial Management Major

Accounting Concentration

  •  Nine upper division hours in concentration (in consultation with adviser) 9 hours

Total 9 hours

Finance Concentration

  •  Nine upper division hours in concentration (in consultation with adviser) 9 hours

Total 9 hours

Management Major

Entrepreneurship Concentration

Total 9 hours

General Management Concentration

Total 9 hours

Human Resource Management Concentration

Total 9 hours

International Business Concentration

Total 9 hours

Marketing Major

Total 9 hours

Nonprofit Management Major

Total 9 hours

Total 16-20 hours


To help the graduates in Business Administration to evaluate their academic progress and to aid the School in evaluating teaching effectiveness, students who major in business-related fields will be required to:

  1. Participate in the university-wide testing program in general education.
  2. Take the area test in business prepared by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) during the last semester of their academic program. This test may be integrated into an upper division course and may constitute part of the grade for that course.
  3. Complete teacher evaluations for courses taken each semester.
  4. Complete the Senior Exit Survey interview with the Dean prior to graduation.


The School offers the following degrees:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration degree (B.B.A.) with majors in Financial Management, Computer Information Systems, Management and Marketing.
    Within two of these majors, the student may choose a concentration:

Financial Management major:

  • Accounting
  • Finance

Management major:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business 
  1. Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) with majors in Business Administration, Long-Term Care Administration, and Nonprofit Management.
  2. Associate of Science degree in Accounting.
  3. Associate of Science degree in Business Administration.
  4. A BBA/MBA concentration for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree and the Master of Business Administration degree or the Master of Financial Management degree in a five year period. 





Combined Majors

Dual Majors